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Pearl restringing in San Diego is a service that very few jewelers offer. It takes a lot of precision to thread the beads. Additionally, most pearl necklaces are threaded on silk thread to add to the luxury of the piece. Each pearl is then double knotted in place to add strength to the necklace or bracelet. Our restringing expert is world-renowned and our services are known around the city. We have threaded everything from children’s pearl bracelets to opera length pearl necklaces– and many jewelry stores have called upon us to repair necklaces for clients as well. If you are a jeweler, we may even be able to pick up and deliver.We don’t offer just pearl restringing, either. If there is any other damage to the bracelet or necklace, we will be happy to address it at the same time. This includes fixing a clasp, or doing anything else that may be required. You can look stunning in your pearls once again, no matter what has happened to them. As long as you were able to save the pearls themselves when the thread broke, we are able to make all of the necessary repairs.


Pearls aren’t the only things that can break off and need to be restrung. Bead restringing is often needed as well. The beads may be glass, wood, metal or various other materials. We will be happy to look at the necklace and restring the beads appropriately – including the necessary thread to provide the same look that it had at the time that it broke.With bead restringing, it’s important for us to look at the entire necklace, bracelet or any other type of jewelry. The beads need to be restrung, but there may be other issues as well. There may be a fault clasp or the thread may not have been strong enough to hold the weight of the beads. We will make recommendations before making the repair to ensure the structural integrity of the jewelry is in place.You want to be able to wear all of your stunning jewelry. If beads have fallen off your necklace, you may not be able to wear it – or have tried to fix the problem on your own. Allow us to fix the string of beads once and for all so that it won’t break as easily the next time. You may still have to be careful with your jewelry, but that is the case with most pieces.We can adjust the length and perform cleaning while we are doing the restringing. Just ask about all of the services we offer and we will be happy to get you all fixed up. 


Call us to make an appointment today. Our prices are affordable and our services are quick, giving you all the more reason to choose us for all of your repairs.

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